Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Night Time Maxi

The maxi dress has made an undeniable comeback this year.  While the lengthened hemline is refreshing, there are many mistakes to avoid with the maxi-dress.  Avoid choosing a dress that overwhelms you and gives you no shape.  Everyone has a waist, lets see yours!  In addition, Hippy-chic is cool...  looking homeless in an over-sized monstrosity is not.  If you are looking to achieve the hippy-chic aesthetic use accessories to polish your over all look.  Avoiding a tiered skirt can help lengthen your bottom half.


I choose a translucent maxi because you can do a lot with it and it easily transforms from day to night.  This one from American Apparel comes in a variety of colors.

-Black maxi dress, American Apparel
-Jacket, Topshop
-Bag, vintage Ferragamo
-Platform boots, Yves Saint Laurent
-Hat, flea market in Amsterdam

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