Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Midi Skirt

A midi skirt is a nice compromise between mini and maxi.  It is a really easy piece that can be dressed up or down and should definitely have a place in your wardrobe. This jewel tone skirt is a great statement piece because it pops with color and texture.  I chose the blouse and cardigan to simply accent the skirt.

My wonderful stylist friend Rodney saw this photo and remarked how important belt placement is.  It is much too often that I see girls of all shapes and sizes commit the fashion crime of wearing a large belt right under their bust line.  Ladies, move that belt to your waist (note: where your belly button is).  I can't tell you how unflattering and cheap it looks when you have a thick patent leather belt right under the bust.  For a more slimming effect, trade in those thick belts for thin ones.

The midi can also help you achieve a retro Mad-Men-esque look depending on how you style it.  If you're shorter, aim for the length to hit you below the knee.  If you're taller, aim for mid-calf.  You should wear the skirt, it shouldn't be wearing you.

-Coco Curvy

-Cardigan: Vintage Missoni 
-Blouse: American Apparel
-Skirt: American Apparel
-Belt: American Apparel
-Sunglasses: Anthropologie
-Ring: Yves Saint Laurent
-Bag: Mulberry
-Shoes: Gucci

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