Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Statement Jacket

The next time you decide to wear a statement piece choose carefully while considering the question, "what kind of statement am I making?" I adore imaginative pieces but there is a fine line between eccentric and tacky.  For example, if your boyfriend blazer is stating that it was victim to a sequin factory explosion then keep it in the closet.  Rethink that ostrich feather vest if it is declaring your magical ability to fly like a bird.

If you choose to wear a statement piece, wear it with confidence. Most importantly, pair it with simple understated items that aren't distracting. The statement piece should be the focal point of your entire ensemble.

I choose this jacket because it a reflection of my inner child that still fantasizes of being a fairy princess when she grows up. The bright colors of the gems are striking, but placed over simple black wool allow for a sophiscated aesthetic.  Remember you're wearing it. It shouldn't wear you.

On a sidenote Coco Curvy was just featured on Stylecaster!  Thank you so much to Spencer Cain for writing a great article.  Check it out, HERE!

-Coco Curvy

Jacket: Jean-Charles de Castelbajac
Dress: Tibi
Shoes: Target
Sunglasses: Juicy Couture

*Thanks to my gorgeous nephews on the skateboards.  Also thanks to their parents for letting me dress their children in skinny jeans.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth,It's your Thea Debbie(your Dad's 1st cousin) from CA and I saw my cousin Helen's post about your blog! Congratulations and I have always loved your style from watching you grow up in the xmas cards :)Wow & I can't believe how the boys have grown since we saw you last at their Christening. Say hello to your family from us in CA xoxo<3